Getting Started

Expression Guest Registry operates on an annual maintenance agreement, payable annually or monthly. For best results and the most professional end product, we recommend using Expression Guest Registry with Messenger's free Make It! Personal software, fully integrated with Expression and Floral Xpress. All of our maintenance agreements allow use at up to three locations for an unlimited number of services, on an unlimited number of devices.

Maintenance Agreement Plans

Basic Plan

$995 per year (or $95 per month)


  • Unlimited annual usage of the registration software
  • Secure login, hosting and back-up of the funeral home's Expression database
  • Free software upgrades and app updates
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Real-time key metrics through dashboard reporting (captures number of guests per service and more)
  • Optional pre-need lead generation
  • FloralXpress app

Outreach Plan

$1,495 per year (or $149 per month)

Includes: everything in our Basic Plan, plus the Outreach Component.

Included with the purchase of any Expression package:

Express Package
  • Account setup and configuration
  • Free artwork service to clean up logo (if needed for integration into outreach component or custom branding)
  • Initial training and support (including a training video with best practices to be used with funeral home staff)
  • Press Release Template (for funeral homes to use to promote the new technology in their communities)
  • Signage (that can accompany the kiosks to communicate to guests the benefit to the family of the electronic registry)
  • Matted Wall Hanging Display Frame
  • Free pack of Messenger display sheets for the matted wall hanging display frame - MIP users can personalize per service, non MIP users will be supplied a PDF or Word document
  • Small table top sign holder with preprinted generic sign and options for personalized signage