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Outreach Component

Outreach Component

Included with Expression Outreach Plan

Expression Guest Registry's exclusive Outreach Component allows your funeral home to capture valuable guest information that can help you grow your business.

Using the Outreach Component, your funeral home can send a simple email to guests 24 hours after they submit their entry. There are four designs and four messages to choose from.

We have found that while signing into the registry, 30 percent of guests provide their email address. That means that a funeral home handling 100 services per year with an average of 80 guests per service could send 2,400 emails over a one-year period!

Depending on the message selected, the email can:

  • Thank the guest for attending the gathering (specific to the individual name and gender)
  • Affirm the value of the gathering
  • Offer ways to continue to support the family (email reminders of important dates is the most popular)
  • Emphasize the value of a well-planned funeral.
Outreach Component Information
Express Donations

Xpress Donations

Available with Expression Basic Plan or as a stand-alone option

Have you noticed fewer memorial contributions in recent years? That's because fewer people tend to carry cash and checkbooks since almost every venue accepts credit or debit cards. Now your funeral home can make using credit cards just as easy, acceptable and secure.

Xpress Donations is Messenger's solution to helping you raise more money for your family's designated non-profit memorial.

The process is simple. The necessary gateway fees, credit card processing fees, transaction tracking, disbursement of funds and administration are handled by Messenger and its professional fundraising partner. Your funeral home has instant access to the donor names and amounts contributed, which can be printed from the Expression Guest Registry "dashboard" and included in the register book for the family.

Countless retail studies confirm that people using credit cards tend to spend more. That fact, combined with the knowledge of people not carrying cash or checkbooks, assures us that much of the money collected through cards would likely not have been received otherwise. Xpress Donations is the answer to help funeral homes build memorial funds for the families they service.

Xpress Donations can be an added feature of Expression Guest Registry, or simply a stand-alone kiosk offering to assist guests with their giving.

Xpression Donation Kiosk
Floral Xpress

Floral Xpress

Included with Expression Basic Plan

This unique product is one of the first of its kind–it's a simple solution to capture photos of and create a meaningful record of floral tributes and those who sent them. Photos taken on an Apple or Android device app can be instantly uploaded to the funeral home's "dashboard," where the funeral home can quickly and easily print them on any size Messenger register book page.

For best results and the most professional end product, we recommend using Floral Xpress with Messenger's free Make It! Personal software, which is fully integrated with Floral Xpress and Expression Guest Registry.

Included with Expression Guest Registry agreements, Floral Xpress is also available as a stand-alone product for $95 per year, for up to three locations, with unlimited number of services and unlimited number of devices.

Floral Xpress Floral Xpress

Pre-Need Lead Generation

Included with Expression Basic Plan

For funeral homes with active pre-need marketing–or even those with a smaller pre-need staff - our optional Pre-Need Lead Generation offers a fresh new approach to reach people. It's only natural - many people attending a funeral or memorial tend to think of their own mortality. A simple "opt in" check box on the registry confirmation screen allows guests to ask for more information about your funeral home's services. When the box is checked, the guest's contact information is emailed directly to your funeral home for follow-up.

Make It Personal

Make It! Personal Program

Messenger's free web-based memorial/heirloom production program is integrated with Expression Guest Registry.

Expression integrates with Messenger's Make It! Personal line of coordinated stationery products that continue to feature their flagship artwork and designs, while providing flexibility you need to create beautiful personal memorial products for families. When used in conjunction with the Make It! Personal web application, Expression allows you to create professional looking and highly personal products within a matter of minutes. To learn more about Make It! Personal, click here.

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